Google Reveals Launch of New Career Certificate for Digital Marketing

Google Career Certificate

Google has announced that it is launching a brand new digital marketing and eCommerce certificate aimed at assisting job seekers and employers to gain the required skills for a successful career in online businesses.

The American Association of Advertising Agencies (4A’s) and the American Advertising Federation (AAF) have both endorsed the launch of the new digital marketing certificate.

A tremendous step forward is the decision of Google to grant 500 of these certificates to every US Business so that they can increase the knowledge bar and improve the skills of their employees.

Online Learning with Google Career Certificate for the win

The course and the Google Career Certificate are intended for people that want to learn the most fundamental things the world of digital marketing and eCommerce has to offer and have a solid base of knowledge for later applying for entry-level jobs in these segments.

The full curriculum is hosted on Coursera, an open provider for online courses, certifications, and degrees, that is one of leading online platforms in the world.

But what are digital marketing and eCommerce?

Digital marketing refers to the process of connecting people and brands in the online sphere. People that work in digital marketing are using numerous digital marketing tools and practices such as email, display advertising, SEO, and other similar channels in order to form a connection with customers, obtain higher engagement rates, encourage their potential clients to convert by making a purchase, and ultimately build brand loyalty.

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On the other hand, eCommerce is every online behavior that features buying and selling services and goods on the internet. Despite this, eCommerce also includes many other activities from designing your own online store and crafting your listings with products, all the way to conducting market research, sending orders to designated buyers, and measuring the performance of your store.

With the Digital Marketing and eCommerce certifications, people will be able to learn all of the above-mentioned tools and techniques and do it in an interactive manner through quizzes, discussion prompts, and numerous hands-on activities.

As a matter of fact, the overall duration of the course is 6 months, and weekly it will take only 10 hours of the designated time for learning. This is quite convenient for everyone’s busy lifestyles and won’t take more than 2 hours a day.

Tools you will learn

Tools like Mailchimp, Shopify, Canva, Google Ads, Twitter, HubSpot, HootSuite, Google Analytics, and others, are an essential part of this certificate curriculum, and everyone involved will also have the chance to apply their newly obtained skills in realistic scenarios.

Once the program is completed all the subjects will have access to specific programme resources, as well as companies that offer such entry-level digital marketing and eCommerce positions.

What are Google Career Certificates?

The program Google calls Career Certificates was first launched in 2018 and was established to help people and companies get on track with constant market high-demand in certain fields.

Partnering with Coursera, Google has reported more than 70,000 attendees or graduates from its programmes in the United States of America.

According to statistics, Google reported that 75% of those who graduated and got certified were able to find a new job, get a higher salary, or earn a promotion within a timeframe of 6 months after the project’s completion.

Besides digital marketing and eCommerce, Google offers graduate programs in IT support, data analytics, UX design, and project management.

All of these programs, do not require people to have certain knowledge or experience in these areas

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